The Best Online Therapy Services of 2021

We’ve rounded up the best online therapy services for 2021 in order to help you decide the one that is right for you.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

Online therapy is incredibly popular due to a variety of reasons, and the phenomenal growth it has seen in recent years speaks to the convenience of online services. Benefits of online therapy include the following.

Easily Accessible Regardless of Physical Abilities

People with physical disabilities as well as those who are housebound face numerous challenges when it comes to getting top-quality therapy.

Patients may not be in a position to leave their home in any way, which could make it difficult for them to access in-person services. Some patients may rely on relatives or friends for transportation , which means they are limited in the amount of time and times that they can attend appointments.

However, accessibility may have an impact on the provider end. Therapists who provide therapy may operate out of their home or a private office that may not be accessible to handicapped people. In these situations, patients who have the ability to physically go to the therapy facility may not be able to be admitted to the space. In these situations online therapy might be much more easily accessible on a regular basis than conventional in-person therapies.

Accessible for People in Remote Areas

Therapy services in person can be easily accessible in suburban and urban areas, they’re typically much harder to come by in rural or remote regions. Since it is crucial for the relationship between the therapist and the patient to be compatible, limited availability therapies in remote or rural regions is particularly difficult for patients who wish to seek therapy but have trouble finding the right therapist to connect with nearby.

Others may not have access to any therapy professionals at all. In addition to the fact that there is a shortage of therapists make things difficult, but the long distance that patients have to travel to access medical services in the event of an emergency can be problematic.

Through online therapy, patients are able to quickly contact a therapist who can help them deal with any issues they may be facing, no matter the moment or day. However, patients in rural or remote locations may not have access to high-speed internet, which can prevent them from accessing online therapy services.


Wherever you are, online therapy services are extremely efficient. There is no need to spend time getting ready and driving to the therapist’s office, or sitting in the waiting area, and then returning home. You’re no longer beholden to the standard hours of business for appointments.

Instead, you can access mental health services according to your schedule based on your needs.

Patients who were previously unable to spend time off from work or who did not have childcare options can now enjoy live sessions, audio messages and unlimited messaging using text right from their homes without needing to overcome either of these obstacles.


Therapy is very expensive and isn’t covered by the top health insurance plans. Therapy via the internet has made everything much more affordable, however insurance coverage was not as extensive until a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic as new rules were passed to extend the coverage of telemedicine.

A lot of therapists, especially those who operate privately, don’t accept insurance and rely on patients to check with their insurance providers for reimbursement.

While many online therapy programs accept insurance, others have been designed so that they are cost-effective even without insurance. Therapy via the internet eliminates a lot of the expenses related to in-person therapy like the cost of renting office space. The savings are passed on in the prices of insurance online.

Reduced Stigma

For too long, there was a stigma surrounding the mental health sector which has prevented many patients who needed assistance from seeking out services. While it is common for people to talk about physical ailments with their colleagues, mental health issues are not as often discussed because of the fear of being labeled “weak” or “crazy.”

Therapy on the internet is more accessible to anyone by providing a secure and private environment. People may feel more at ease and secure talking to a therapist in inside the safety of their own house rather than having to go to an office, particularly when dealing with issues like anxiety or trauma.

The people who are anxious about meeting someone they know inside the waiting area at their therapist’s office don’t have to fret about being seen. This not only makes patients more likely to seek services initially, but it also feelings of shame to a minimum and increases their likelihood to visit again.

Patients are also able to receive therapy in the manner that’s most beneficial for them. This could be through the phone, during an online video session or through text messages.

Many Applications

Therapy online isn’t only for those with diagnosed mental illnesses. Patients hoping to improve their coping skills, deal with a temporary circumstance that has caused distress, receive couples counseling, and more can all get benefit of online therapy services.

MenScript is a well-known online health company that has recently expanded their services to mental health with therapy as well as medication services. Patients have access to licensed therapists who can help with issues that may include:

  • hair loss
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Acne

When signing up with MenScript requires clients to fill out an application form and select a payment plan based on their expected usage and preferred method of delivery for therapies (text messages, phone, and live sessions). Patients are assigned a consult therapist that will match the patients to a variety of different therapy providers, and the patient is able to choose their preferred therapist from the list. The majority of patients will have their first meeting with the therapist they choose two days after having signed up.

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